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Immediately dial linked phone number with zoom phone


Hey, I was wondering if anyone has found a way for a clickable phone number (tel or callto) to open up in zoom phone and immediately start dialing it. I have it working with the Windows default apps to show the number in app but the user still needs to press the dial button. I need to save them that click, so once a user clicks on a phone number in the web it immediately starts dialing.


Any help would be appreciated! We have some developers looking into the smart embed, but if we get this to work we might be able to avoid all that development.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @DerekPer 


There Click-to-Dial (tel: and callto:) work the same way for us on the Mac, you do have to press the Enter key to launch the dialing of the number. The Highlight-to-Call feature with the Zoom desktop app keyboard shortcuts DO launch the dialing though without any intervention, and it even works with Call Control dialing the number directly on your desktop phone.


I think that the key to that is that it is using the Zoomphonecall URI scheme has an Autodial function. Are you programming something yourself? You may want to look at these:


I hope that helps!