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How to have a single number for IT Help Desk so call goes to multiple lines/desk phones?


Hey there,

I am one of two IT Help Desk agents for our business. We are looking to use zoom phone to create a group of phones to use as Help Desk desk phones. I was looking to see if someone would explain how we can go about setting up 1 number across multiple phones, so that when a call comes into the Help Desk, all the phones ring simultaneously.

Can someone shoot me in the right direction of where I would start configuring that in the zoom admin console?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There are two (2) options I would recommend:  "Call Queues" or "Shared Line Groups". Each mechanism has it owns pros and cons and you should choose the one that fits better to your need:

Setting up shared line groups: 
Managing call queues:

For an IT Help Desk I would recommend the Call Queues, because is less disruptive when managing (especially if you have to add more people later own), it has a bit more flexibility, Members of the Call Queue can Opt-In/Out receiving calls, and other interesting things, but also, from the analytics/reporting perspective, Call Queues gives you an edge.

They are both so easy to configure that you might want to configure both and do you r own testing/comparison.