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External Phone Mask to Number Not Yet Ported


I have a new location we are trying to move from old PBX to Zoom Phone system. I have a number that has not yet ported, how do I make that number the external phone number mask for outbound calling? The only numbers I see are Zoom owned DIDs that we've acquired.


We are planning on just doing a CFWD until number is ported over.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello Kelsey. I doubt this is something you can do because simply the number is not with Zoom's Telcos and I don't think they can (legally) "advertise" an ANI for Outbound calls if they are not "own/host" that number.
However, if you have already initiated the porting process, once it is approved and the telephone number shows in "Porting Pending" status (or something like that), then you should try allocating the number on its destination (Auto Receptionist, or Call Queue, etc.) and check if Zoom Phone let's you use it as Call ID (ANI).
If you haven't initiated the porting process, I recommend to start as soon as possible so you can test what I am proposing above, and if it doesn't work, at least the number is already in Zoom's Database and you might ask for help to your Zoom AM/SE for a similar alternative as they have the right internal contacts that know what can or cannot be done.
Best regards.