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Desktop & Mobile Client as separate devices



Is there anyway to make the Desktop and Mobile Clients a separate Phone device in Zoom Phones? Reason is that we still want Zoom Desktop client for Meetings, but phone calls to only go to the phone client app (for the same user). Or at least no call popups on the Desktop client? 




Note Taker

Hi DamienGM,


Unfortunately, there is no way to accomplish what you are trying to do. There are two things that may help.

1. In the pc app you could turn on "hide incoming calls while in a meeting". This will prevent notifications on the pc if you are in a meeting, but the cell app will still be notified.

2. Instead of using the app to take calls on the cell, you could disable Zoom Apps under call handling and add the cell phone's actual phone number. This will essentially forward all calls to that user to their cell phone and prevent the desktop app from receiving calls.

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I believe this is possible but must be done at the account level by Zoom (i.e. nothing in the portal sets this).  I've had Zoom engineers mention this, but have not gotten any details about it.