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Cell phone porting to Zoom from Verizon


Hi All,

I currently have Verizon cell service.  I need to be able to record calls and it seems like Zoom might be a good option.  BUT, I want to keep my phone numbers so I don't have to train clients on a new number, buy new business cards, etc.


Who has done this (with cell phone) and what pitfalls do I need to watch out for?  For example, will all calls be via Zoom?  Any service issues (bad areas with poor cell/data service?)  Anything else you discovered that was disappointing?



Dave White


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Yes CP number is portable provided they are under a business account. One thing to watch out when porting a cell phone number is the verification code that will be sent by the carrier as it has a certain duration  to be acknowledged/confirmed via text and if it is missed the whole port process will be cancelled.


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Thanks.  I understand porting is available.  My question is really more about the pros/cons of doing so.  For example, will all calls now be VOIP requiring either wifi or cell data service?  What happens when I'm in an area where service is too poor to allow data? and things like that.



There are pitfalls for sure and it's very frustrating.  I ported from Verizon and I live in an area where the cell service is inconsistent.   You can move from 5G to 1 bar in a block.  Making calls from the car is so frustrating I generally just don't answer my calls.  (Which is also frustrating because it's valuable time lost!)  There is a "switch to carrier" option when you are on a call, but you have to wait for the call to connect, then there is a delay switching to the carrier.  Supposedly there is a way to switch all calls to carrier, so that when I leave my desktop all calls are automatically routed this way, but it hasn't worked.  You have to do it for individuals calls.  I purchased Zoom because I didn't want to lose my original phone number, but I needed my team to have access to receive and answer calls, and more importantly SMS messages.  It's a workable solution, which in some ways has helped our team, but in other ways it's caused more headaches.  I hope it gets better!