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Can not send SMS texts



I have been using my Zoom phone to send SMS since October 2021. Starting on 2/28, I have not been able to send texts. I am not receiving any error messages, but when I text my personal phone, a friend, etc, the texts are not being received. I can still receive texts to the Zoom number and make calls. I can also text other Zoom numbers in the company and those do go through. Any advice on how to fix this? 



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@kaelanraf With an issue like this, we strongly suggest reaching out to our great support team so that we take a deeper look at your account from the backend. Our support team will have more resources to directly assist you and engage with our backend developers if need be. 

Please see this document for how to reach our support team:

We use Zoom phone to text parents and students, and we have had the same problem recently. We send texts and don't get any error messages, only to find out the receiver never got the text. Parents will try to text us and they will get a 'service not available' message. It is not every person, every time. We have asked our IT people about it, and they don't have any answers. Very frustrating.


feel your pain kaelanraf - no one seems to be able to help me with this issue either.  It's quite serious, as I could send and receive texts without issue with my old provider, Ring Central and now I have many 2 step authentication systems tied to this number.  Also my team members are having to incur texting costs on their personal lines, which are associated with business activities.