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Additional phone number License needed?


Just setup Zoom phone.  I was assigned a default phone number and ported over my own local phone number.  I only need the phone number that ported over and do not require the default phone number that was initially assigned.  One individual at Zoom told me that I do not need the additional phone number license and another agent told me I do.  So am I able to cancel the default number ?  Do I need the additional license?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @czemel 

I got a bit confuse with the situation description about what you have vs what you actually need, but here are "my two cents"

  • Every number you need configured in Zoom Phone needs a license, either a standalone number (DID) license, or from a Calling Package that bundles the DID.
  • If you only need one number, you can always Delete/Release the number you don't need and use only one license for the number you ported.


So it seems you have to make sure to "Delete" the current Default Number so the DID License is free to be used to complete the porting, otherwise the porting can be done.







Thanks Vinnie.  So to be clear, the number has already ported in.  Right now I have 2 numbers with Zoom

a)  The default phone number assigned when I setup the account
b)  The ported in phone number

I purchased the "US & CANADA UNLIMITED Unlimited Regional Calling" plan AND the addon license of "Additional Phone Numbers".  If I delete the the default number assigned when I setup the account, do I need the addon license?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Correct:  US/CA UNLIMITED already comes bundled with a US/CA DID number license o you don't need to buy the extra US/CA DID license.