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audio goes dead when exiting breakout room if using bluetooth headphones


If I am in a breakout room, using bluetooth headphones, when I exit the breakout room audio goes silent.

It still shows that I'm using bluetooth headphones, but there is no audio.

When I power off the headphones, the laptop speaker comes on. When I power the headphones back on, they connect and take over and work fine.

However, I find that I have to power cycle my headphones every time I exit a breakout room.

Using a mac.

This is driving me batty



Hello, did you find a solution to this?  I'm having a similar issue but lose audio when somebody shares their screen on zoom. Also making me nuts. 


I have not, and yes, it drives me bats.

Try changing your audio settings to "same as system" that seems to have done the trick for me. 


Same issue on Mac with BT headphones too.  It was happening with multiple different headsets as well.  Try changing your zoom audio settings to "same as system" for speaker and mic.  This assumes your system is using your headphones.  did a quick test and it may have resolved the issue.  Need to try in a few meetings to confirm.  

This seems to have done the trick!  Fingers crossed it sticks.  Thanks for the suggestion!