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Zoom with an intermittent internet connection


I sometimes use zoom when the internet connection will drop occasionally.  It can drop for 10 to 30 seconds and then come back.  After about 20 seconds, Zoom closes the app.  It restarts and reconnects.  This takes about another 30 seconds and does some annoying things - steals focus, resets the screen layout, and when running with multiple monitors opens the app on a different monitor.   When I use Webex, it tolerates the drop-outs with far less disruption.  It looks to me like the timeout value it uses for lost connection before  it decides to restart is much longer.  This makes the experience better.  


Is there any way to set the timeout value for the internet connection to be longer?  30-40 seconds would be a lot better in this case.   Not all the world has gigabit fiber and dodgy connections are a reality many places.