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Zoom recording - polls not showing



Hi there


I am just testing my meeting before the actual meeting.


I have a poll during the meeting that I am launching, but when I play back the recording, it does not show the poll or questions ask, neither the sharing of the poll.


I have gone into seting, recording, cloud recording and selected for results to be shared, but that still does not work.

However, I am not so much bothered with the sharing of the results, but rather the sharing of the poll and that showing up on the recording.

I have also tried sharing the screen and dragging the poll on to that screen but it still does not show.


please advise.


Many thanks






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



My understanding is that If you are making a recording of the meeting, poll results do not appear in the recording. Please download the report for polling results..



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It would be a great addition to have the poll results included in the recording - especially if you are conducting an AGM.


You're right! Polls DON'T appear in the recording! I have "Save poll results shared during the meeting/webinar" selected, but neither the Poll nor the Share Results are visible on the screen.  All I see are Excel files posted under the video window.  Zoom should delete that selection if they took that ability away.

I was able to download the poll results under reports but it does not show on the recording.