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Zoom issues on HP Chromebook


I use an HP Chromebook x360 (14a) and cannot use Zoom. I recently took a job where I’m providing virtual therapy and supposed to use Zoom; however, I have the worst connection with Zoom.  I constantly get “low bandwidth” and “unstable network connection” messages.  I’ve tried everything. HP support couldn’t help me and it’s not an issue with my wifi (as I can use zoom just fine on my iPad). I also have tried with my Chromebook on other internet connections and have the exact same problem.  I’ve uninstalled android apps on my Chromebook and done everything possible to try and fix the issue to no avail. I’ll take ANY suggestions possible to fix this issue as i can’t afford a new laptop (my Chromebook is less than a year old) and my iPad isn’t big enough to be using for teaching purposes.  I’ve also tried both with the Zoom PWA and via the browser. No difference. 

I noticed this issue when I first purchased the Chromebook last summer as well as it lags quite a bit, but I was only participating in meetings so it didn’t matter as I just used my iPad.  However, now I’m hosting and need to be able to share my screen etc.


Thanks in advance!



Adding some more info now... I've now tried with an Ethernet cable and same issues.  I'm not a tech person and could REALLY use some help!!! Please!!!!