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Zoom crashes when it uses my camera


Hi everyone,

I used Zoom multiple times and never had any problems, and suddenly two days it began to crash. It always happens the same way : I log on a a meeting, and when it tries to use my webcam, it freezes and does not response.

The only way I can use Zoom is y logging on my web browser, my camera doesn't work but it do not freeze. If I go to the video parameters, it freezes and does not response. Also, my microphone does not work. I can only hear and use the chat.

I've already reinstalled Zoom multiple times (even older version), it doesn't do anything, I've also updated graphic cards & camera drivers. I've also checked and my camera and mic do work.

Until now, I haven't been able to find a solution to my problem anywhere, so if anyone happened to have the same problem, I'll gladly accept any help.



Same for me