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Zoom Quits Unexpectedly/Video Stutters & Freezes after recent update to 5.11.3 (7123)


UPDATE: Issue fixed with update to 5.11.4 (7185)


Since the update on 7/19/2022, Zoom has been quitting unexpectedly and crashing and video has been freezing. It quits/crashes when I'm in Settings or anywhere else, actually. If I manage to get into Zoom to host a meeting or attend a meeting, my video freezes continually. I toggle the camera off and then back on and it works for a few seconds then freezes again.

I've uninstalled Zoom, shut down my computer completely, started my computer, then reinstalled Zoom to no avail. 

I've unchecked all the boxes under 'Use Hardware Acceleration For' and it still freezes and/or crashes.


I've checked all my Windows settings, hardware conflicts, driver updates, etc. And nothing.



Quits/freezes whether Background filter on or off.

Logitech C525 webcam

GeForce 1050Ti, Driver 516.59

Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview 25163.1000


Cheryl D Johnson

Issue appears to be resolved on my end with latest update 5.11.4 (7185).

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Same thing happening here. I have also tried everything you described and still getting the same crash whenever video appears. 


Zoom auto-updated this morning before I joined my daily meeting and then I immediately started experiencing the same behavior you described.

I believe it must be Zoom because I joined a call in Microsoft Teams today and had no problems with my video.

Ya, my video works fine in other apps. Only Zoom is having issues. I use this for work every day so this is a pain in the patootie.

Cheryl D Johnson


I have same issue when using virtual background or video filter.

Yes - this is what my issue is too. If I don't have virtual background or video filter than I'm fine.


Confirm. Same bug. Video crash report popped up when I turn blur filter on. Reverted back to 5.11.1 version. OS: Windows 21H2 build 19044.1826, videocard: GeForce 1070 Ti, video driver: 516.59, camera: Logitech C920


You can download previous version 5.11.1 here

I tried. Every time I click on the download button, it takes me to a screen to download 5.11.3. So gonna be using WebEx for awhile, me thinks.

Cheryl D Johnson

On the right panel you can select previous version, then you need to disable automatic updates during install. And uninstall 5.11.3 before proceed with install

No it doesn't work.. when you go to that site there is no way to download the older version even if there is a link on the right panel for it. When you go there and click on the download button for the 5.11.1 zoom client it sends you straight to download the latest version anyway. It seems to be really hard to find a site that does not have the latest version. So until Zoom gets off their hands and fixes it there is no way to roll it back at the moment. It's really annoying as a lot of us are using it every day. 

Sorry for not doing it right away. I've shared the old 5.11.1 version in my Google drive. If you don't trust feel free to verify it with You can verify MD5 sum on Windows using this command in terminal: `certutil -hashfile ZoomInstallerFull_5.11.1.exe MD5`

At my PC it gave 11e13df298d5b4cee2a99851a8787868 MD5 hash

Well I found an even more secure way of getting it from the Zoom Download Center after some more thinking 😄


This is the link for the 64-bit client for Windows from Zoom's Download center - Zoom Client 64-bit for Windows 

You will have to uninstall your Zoom Client before installing this version. Also make sure to uncheck the boxes about keeping the client updated automatically. 


My camera is now working perfectly in Zoom again! 

Thank you! This worked for me. Uninstalled  5.11.3 and installed 5.11.1 (6602) from the link above. Everything seems to be working properly now.  Video is stable even with blurred or virtual backgrounds and other effects turned on.


What Webcam is everyone using: I'm using a Logitech C920 with the G HUB software installed.

Logitech C525.


GHub is installed but the camera doesn't appear to interface with it - just my mouse, keyboard, and headset.

Cheryl D Johnson

I use a canon DSLR with sparkocam, but experienced same issue on c920 also. It is the virtual background

Logitech Brio 4K

Well, my issues happen whether I use the virtual background or not.

Cheryl D Johnson



Same problem for me! Updated today and as soon as I turn on the camera it freezes. I did some testing and when I turn off video background or removed the blur the camera stops freezing for me.


My computer information:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor

24 gb RAM

Windows 11

Zoom client version 5.11.3 (7123)


Adding my freezing issue here for signal boost.


HD Pro Webcam C920 (Logitech)

Win 10

Occurred after latest update 5.11.3 (7123)


My post of issue: 


Issue appears to be resolved on my end with latest update 5.11.4 (7185).


Same issue - crashes. Windows 11 (latest - 21H2 Build 22000.795). Ryzen 5950x. Nvidia RTX 3060ti (latest - 516.59 ). Logitech Brio. 32GB DDR4.


Seems to be related to virtual background - blurring or otherwise. No issues on prior version of zoom client.


Yeah I am having this issue as well. Though the video specifically only freezes when background / blur effects are active. With no effects running video has no issue. However I haven't had this problem before I had gone on Zoom this past week.


OS: Windows 10
Relevant System Specs:
CPU: AMD 5900x
RAM: 64 GB
GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3080 (10 GB)

Camera: AverMedia "Live Streamer" CAM 313


With so many people having the same crashing AND none of the the suggested fixes working, WHEN will zoom fix their code?


I am having the same issues, screen freezing and crashing, really very poor zoom support.