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Video is not converting


Hello together,


I have a problem with my recorded Zoom video. When I double-click the video it is not converting. Can somebody tell me how I can convert the video so that I can watch it?


Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi schutzschild,


Convert using the Zoom desktop client
For versions 4.6.10 or higher, you can't convert local recording files by double-clicking the Zoom files. You must follow the steps below to manually convert the files:

Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
Click the Meetings tab.
Click the Recorded tab.
Select the meeting topic with the local recording.
Click Convert.

Troubleshooting local recording issues – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot

When I open the desktop client I can't see my recorded file under "recorded". It says "no recorded meetings".

This is not working - I have updated to the latest version - its a critical meeting - I really need this recording - is there somewhere I can send the file to be converted? - been stalled here for a long time 




If you close your laptop or turn off your computer while the recording is converting, it will stop the conversion process. If you change the name of the double_click_to_convert. zoom file(s) while the recorded meeting is converting, it may corrupt the file and not convert correctly.




I did not do the things you write. I didn't close anything and didn't change any name of the file.