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Users Unable to Connect Audio or Video using SDK - Android UX Bug


Hi All,

We are using the latest zoom sdk and loading zoom inside our mobile app, the issue that is happening for all our users is that they are unable to unmute/join with audio/video or click any of the buttons on the bottom. This is happening because of the android tray options that are at the bottom that is blocking the user from clicking on the buttons. How can we fix this?



Hi, I have a similar problem with not being able to join in with my camera, zoom saying to try with another camera, hmmm (for the first time)... right after a very ennoying 'mise à-jour. If you look at other complains, many of them are quite recent in a large number. It does appear that this latest 'mise-à-jour' is a big CRAP for all these different sudden problems (March 2023). Zoom tell us to UNINSTALL and REINSTALL (I had to wait a few minutes before reinstalling). This solved the problem immeditaly. Good luck!