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Trying to login with password, click forgot and just going in circles...


Hello all,

Zoom has me going around in circles and I cant seem how to solve this.


I had a google account (gmail-account#1) and I had a paid subscription and would login to the browser and desktop app no problem. I then disassociated that google account with Zoom and I'm using now ( gmail-account#2) with my zoom account.

When I try to login with the desktop app its asking me for my email and password, why? I have the gmail account associated with Zoom. So I click on "forgot password" and it brings me to the zoom account web page. It doesn't give me any options to change my password. If I look on my profiles I have my (gmail-account#2) linked to the Zoom account and thats it.

So where is the problem? Why can I not just sign in with Google from the desktop app and its forcing with to use a password?

Also, ever since I'm using this (gmail-account#2) - it put me on the free basic plan.

Thank you for your help.