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Sound issues today 19/11/23 and meeting dropped 2/7/23 - How to contact Zoom customer services?


Today I was holding a yoga class but my students couldn't hear me or the music. I tried changing every setting in Zoom and double checked my microphone and audio interface but to no avail.


I use an ethernet cable, so there were no Wifi issues.


I checked the recording but there was nothing wrong with the sound or music, so the problems were only experienced by the recipients.


On 2nd July connectivity was dropped in the middle of a class. This happened to all of us.


I have a paid Pro plan, which means I cannot raise a ticket or phone customer services. Additionally I cannot find anywhere on the website where I can make a complaint about the above in retrospect...only information about leaving feedback at the end of a meeting while still in the meeting.


Can anyone please help.


Mac IOS 10.13.6