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Slow to load


Anyone else noticing how slow Zoom is to open a meeting since the last upgrade?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Van_Raath 


I have not noticed any specific problems. What type of computer or device are you using?




yes I have the same issue since the last update to version: 5.7.8 (1247).

I never had such issue, and now every meeting takes 1 min (I timed it) to load.


I'm running zoom on a windows10 (1909) laptop and same on various network connectivity (wi-fi or ethernet, from work or from home).


Well, at least it isn't just me then! Hopefully someone from Zoom can help to sort this out 🙂 


Hi - yes for me too!  I just entered this forum to raise this question. Actually it can take a few minutes for zoom to open a meeting. I am always 'late' joining. I also tried zoom breakouts yesterday and again it took me over 1 minute to join that room.  I have uninstalled and re-installed zoom and still the same issue. 

I'm using a MacBook Air with IOS Big Sur 11.6 

Me too! It's really frustrating when most of the meetings are done from my account and/ or I'm hosting them...

Same device and OS. Zoom is updated/ been reinstalled.


I forgot  to update this thread but since a while, I don't have any issue.

Zoom is now 5.8.0 version (1324) and my laptop received some windows updates and has been restarted several times.

So I don't know what helped...


I have the same issue as well. Since a couple of weeks, it takes 1-2 minutes for zoom to start a meeting, either when I join an existing meeting or start my own. I'm on zoom version 5.8.1435. It's pretty annoying because it looks as if I always join meetings too late.


Yes, very slow I have problems with it loading, connecting and I always seem to lose the first 10 minutes of a meeting, then later it crashes and I have to log in all over again.  I have no problems with Skype or anything else on my windows 10 laptop


Yeah, it's the only app I have this problem with - CRAZY slow to load, extremely sluggish when open, super frustrating.  Get it together Zoom...


Dude same. Zoom takes 10 minutes to open and then 5 minutes just to turn on my camera then I pressed another button and I am not sure when will it respond again. I am still in the meeting though and I can still hear what the others are saying but I can't do any interaction. It might be because I just uploaded to Windows 11 or zoom fucked up its latest update. I am using version Version: 5.10.6 (5889) right now. 

Edit: I restarted my laptop, uninstalled and reinstalled zoom, checked for its latest update, done everything, tried to join through a link, tried to join through manually putting in the details. Looked for solutions. None of them works.


same here... any solutions besides reimaging the machine?


Seems that it is slow to load if NOT SIGNED IN.  When signed in, it is much quicker to restart (at least on my PC!).


Same issue here as well. Here's what I tried with the user.

- Uninstalled App and wiped Cache

- Reinstalled directly from Zoom website


User is on macOS 12.6.1 and Zoom 5.12.9


I experienced this too, on a Windows desktop PC. I uninstalled Zoom, then deleted the contents of %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Zoom (strangely this is where Zoom installs its app). Then downloaded the Zoom app and it opens fast like other apps.