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Sign in verification codes


Hi all -


Our Religous organization holds a weekly webinar and several zoom meetings a week .   (I am signed on right now with my personal pro account ).   Throughout the pandemic we had no issues if a small group of  members hosted depending on who was available .    We are now getting verification codes going to the organization g mail account - and the double jeopardy is some us can’t get into that e mail as it also sends a code to an e mail  or phone of an administrator.    So we are frustrated!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @ALVID-18,


Your situation is a common one. Unfortunately, sharing an account among several people is against Zoom’s Terms and Conditions. But there are workarounds that can be used under a variety of situations.


The most common situation is the one person who owns the account schedules regular meetings for a group, and in general attempts to be host at all meetings but is unable to attend on occasion. The ability to have another person host the meeting can be accomplished in one of a few ways.

First of all, I recommend you consider scheduling all meetings, either on a recurring frequency or individually, and setting Join Before Host to 15 minutes, without Waiting Rooms. This will allow  attendees to join the meeting, even if no host is present. However, be advised that you should not widely disseminate the meeting Join links, to prevent unwanted and malicious attendees. 


In many cases – and I’ll assume yours is like this – the other potential hosts do not have paid accounts, or if they do, they are not tied to the meeting  host’s organization. In this case, the host’s Host Key can be used by trusted attendees to allow them to obtain the ghost role once they are in the meeting. Unfortunately the Host Key approach doesn't work for Webinars. You get your host key from the Profile menu view on your account’s web page at  You give this code to trusted attendees who can claim host by going to the Participant window once inside the meeting. More information (sometimes very detailed) can be found here:

The other approaches only work for a paid account on your organizational account. Alternate Host can be used for one-off assignments of someone who can start your meetings and webinars using the Join link. Scheduling Privilege allows two people to schedule and start each other’s meetings and webinars (but sharing Scheduling Privilege for Webinars requires both to be licensed for Webinars).


See these articles for additional information on these two approaches:

Feel free to come back here with additional questions. 

Ray - / BusinessIsZooming! Podcast / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thanks Ray - we are a small Religious organization- we have used this account successfully for over 2 years .  The main computer is in the sanctuary for our hybrid in person and zoom.   We will have to adjust for the remote classes with the new verification requirement .


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Thanks for the reply, @ALVID-18.


As a side note: there’s no issue logging in to an account from different machines, as long as it’s not done simultaneously. Logging in on the main committee in the sanctuary during services is fine, and then logging into that account on another computer outside of services is fine. But you need to work out “who logs in where” depending on which account schedules the services, and which accounts stood log in as attendees from other accounts. Those can be made Co-Host as needed. 

I have a document (customized for each event I produce) commonly called a Run Of Show – essentially a script for the main Zoom host – with I refer to throughout the event, to make sure I don’t miss anything. Producing a “Zoom show” can be quite a challenge, as I’m sure you know. 

Ray - / BusinessIsZooming! Podcast / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
Please mark solutions that helped you !

Thank you Ray !