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Recurring Meeting with "No fixed Time" option is missing from Zoom App. Still available from Website


Hey guys.  My users notified me they can no longer schedule Recurring meetings from the windows Zoom app (5.15.3). Basically these meetings types used to automatically schedule as "No Fixed Time" recurring meetings - which they loved because in the medical world patients might be given a recurring meeting, that is mondays at 2pm and Wednesday at 4pm (for example) - which could change depending on clinician availability. So recurring meeting with no fixed time is ideal, cause the Admin Assist can use the same "meeting link" for that patient, and not be stapled to a specific day and time. (avoid the headache of having to "mico schedule" everything)


Yesterday the Zoom app stopped allowing this. However the option is still available via the website. Please see the following screen shots to understand. Anyone else dealing with this? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Everyone on a current client is dealing with this as Zoom is only allowing this feature for the website.



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When you say "Zoom is only allowing" do you mean they have had a policy shift on this feature, which is written some place? Or is this a bug?

Hello Frank_TB, 

I tried logging on to my Zoom account through Chrome.  All my meetings were indeed there, just as I remember., and they seemed to work when I tested one. 

Thank you for letting us know to go through the website, not the Mac app on the desktop. 



Yes, 'borneo', I am dealing it with it as well. I am on a Mac Zoom app, not Windows, so the problem is not platform specific. I meet hour-after-hour with clients, so the 'No Fixed Time' recurring meetings are how I connect. Thank you for sharing that the "option is still available via the website." I have found all of my recurring meetings there, although not in alphabetical order. I will work that way today and hope that the folks at Zoom straighten this out ASAP.  🙏🏻

Sorry, 'byrneo'! Sometimes autocorrect is very annoying!

Thanks your reporting your experience. I'm the zoom admin for our organization so I've opened a ticket with support. I'll see what they come back with


Yes! I am also dealing with this. Have been for a few days actually, scheduling new meeting rooms and finding a SEPARATE LINK for EACH "MEETING", which is ridiculous for my situation. Why would they do this?? The app was working perfectly, and if they wanted to add this option, it wouldn't have killed them to add a "no specific time" button for those of us who have been working like this for years.

 Now, today specifically, I can't even look at all the meetings in one window, but have to skip through it one day at a time, which is even more ridiculous, and I can't even find my OLD recurring meeting rooms, which is what I was reaching for when I opened the app this morning. Now, instead of sending my client the link I always use for these types of jobs, I'm here wasting my time, looking for a solution to a problem THAT SHOULDN'T EXIST.

Thank you, byrneo, for at least mentioning the web access. At least there's a workaround, and after a few minutes lost, I can get back to my day (a little more disappointed in Zoom).


I hope the people at Zoom come to their senses and fix this ASAP.

Thank for responding! I have a support ticket opened as this is impacting our whole Enterprise. It's been 5 hours and no reply. I'll post here if and when they answer


Well, they intentionally broke their product.  Going to start looking for an alternative to Zoom if they don't fix this quick.

Is this intentional? Did they announce it first? I don't recall getting a heads up so we could inform our clinicians.

Any suggestions??? I'm sick of Zoom App bugs...



I think the same thing may have happened to me.  All my meetings with clients are recurring, but with no fixed times given that sometimes, our schedule changes unexpectedly and it's simply easier to have them recurring at no fixed times. But now they are all gone.  Do you know how to get them back?  My patients are still relying on them. 


I received an update from Zoom technical support who have acknowledged the issue as a "bug". However they could offer no ETA on resolution time. Workaround is to advise your staff to use the Web Portal

Thank you for sharing. Glad it is a bug and not a permanent change.  

According to this link to Zoom support page, it states the issues as due to intentionally removing the ability in the app. It then refers to this Zoom release note from April 2023 when they stated they removed the capablity.  So, it doesn't seem like a "bug."   Does anyone have any others updates beyond what I have seen in the above links?  This is super inconvenient. 


Yes, I'm having this problem, too, and it is EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT. I see Zoom accepts it is a bug, but with no ETA. Please fix it SOON, Zoom! Thank you-


This is AWFUL and unacceptable! I have over 50 recurrent no fixed time Zoom links for clients. On the web, I can only see 15 at a time (even if I switch to 100 it reverts back to 15 after each call), and they are NOT in alphabetic order with no way to get them that way. What is the point of having the app if you have to go on the web for every meeting? Please fix this Zoom! Or else a lot of people are going to be taking their business elsewhere.




They have not fixed it yet... It is a pain in the neck to force an App user to go to the website and schedule "no fixed time" recurring meetings... Shame on you tech support! SHAME ON YOU!!!