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Issues with logging into a meeting


Hi there


There have been two meetings in a row where I logged in with the meeting ID, user name, password, all requisite information. The page keeps saying "This is invalid" or something along those lines. This is an important meeting with a group that I'm working with in Concord, CA and this is unacceptable. 


I also find it rude that Zoom does not permit me to speak with a tech support agent when I likewise enter the same exact correct information via phone.


I want this fixed now.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It is not clear what device you are using and it is not clear if you are trying to "Join" a meeting hosted by someone else or "Sign in" to your own account to host the meeting for the group in Concord. "Join" a meeting only requires the meeting ID and a passcode. "Sign in" requires an email address(user name) and a password. I am going to assume you are trying to join a meeting hosted by the group in Concord. So ask them to email you the Zoom link. Clicking on this link will send the correct information to your browser and then to the Zoom client to "Join" the meeting.