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Dual Monitor change




I apologize if I'm asking a question that's been answered elsewhere, but I'm having a problem with dual-monitor use, and the only solution I've seen on these boards is for a Mac & a Mission Control setting. I'm on a Dell laptop, sometimes in laptop + one monitor config, sometimes laptop closed & connected to a dock with 2 monitors. However this problem is new (and applies) to both setups. FWIW I was recently upgraded to Windows 11 on the same laptop.


I have traditionally kept the Use Dual Monitors unchecked, which meant I did all relevant Zoom work on my left monitor (full maximized so I could see the gallery, my participant list, chat, all in one window). When I would share something, Screen 2 (on my right) would be an option, and I would share that one. It would leave my Zoom meeting completely untouched. I did this for years.


Now, if Dual Monitor is unchecked, it treats my left screen as if it was a standalone laptop (so sharing my screen reduces my participants to a filmstrip), and if is checked, I have a giant floating image of whoever is speaking on my right, and when I share something, my left screen reconfigures to a different layout.


I'm sure this is a setting or configuration issue, but I can't find it. Has something changed in Zoom lately? Has anyone stumbled across this as well?


Thanks in advance for any help and advice,