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Invitation information missing topic and date


First of all, I'd like to ask Zoom to please stop making changes to the interface. It's such an unpleasant surprise!

Today, with the new update, I have been forced to waste time having to add the meeting topic, date and time to each meeting invitation text I have mailed my clients. 

How is removing that information from the invitation useful for your users?

This makes absolutely no sense, to the point where I have now had to spend more of my time looking for a way to let Zoom know how BAD this latest update is. You have gone out of your way to spend money paying staff just so you could provide a worst service?


I need to be able to copy the meeting invitation with all pertaining information like time and topic !

Please fix this issue.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @meritusjp 


Thank you for your feedback regarding the recent interface changes in Zoom. Our engineers have confirmed that the behavior you mentioned is a bug and are actively working on fixing it in upcoming releases. As a temporary workaround, you can copy the meeting invitation from the web portal, which will include the date and time information.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience as we work towards resolving this issue.

Zoom Community Team

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?