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I want to STAY in Full Screen when sharing ends


I know a lot of people hate full screen mode, and googling for information on Zoom and full screen are filled with people trying to figure out how to get out of full screen mode.


My problem is the opposite. I love full-screen mode. I'm on a Mac, and "full screen" goes onto its own space/desktop on my monitor that I can three-finger swipe to and from. Especially when screen-sharing, full screen mode allows me to see the shared screen as large as possible with minimum extra "chrome" around it.


I have Zoom set to "Enter full screen when starting or joining a meeting: checked" and "Window size when screen sharing: Fullscreen mode".


This used to work great. Zoom would start fullscreen, when someone shared it would stay full-screen, when someone stopped sharing it would stay full screen, etc. Sometime about a month back, all my Zoom settings got reset to defaults (no idea why), and even after setting the above two items again, what happens is:

  • Start Zoom meeting: Full screen (correct)
  • Someone shares screen: Full screen still (correct)
  • Someone stops sharing their screen: Exits full screen and window ends up on some random desktop that I have to locate (very annoyingly incorrect)

How can I get that third behavior to stop? It disrupts whatever I am doing (be that paying strict attention to the meeting, or listening to the meeting while multitasking in the background on another screen).

Was this some intentional Zoom update, and I should make Zoom not full screen anymore?



I am having this very same issue. Please fix this or let me know a workaround 


Same here. Everything that TomDibble posted. All Settings gone and now exiting full-screen after someone finishes srcreensharing. My use case although is different: For Hybrid Meetings we share someones Screen on a TV and others join virtually. If someone remote presents something, leaving full-screen after that is annoying to say the least.


Same issue. Anyone found a fix?


I'm on Mac OS aswell and this issue is very frustrating. If anybody finds a workaround please post it here. This issue just like TomDibble only started a couple months ago. It was fine before that update but now it makes me not want to use zoom.


Add me to the clamor on this topic. This is an unacceptable issue for an enterprise application.


This has only just started to happen to me, Mac OS. I use full screen mode on a separate monitor and now after a meeting participant shares their screen upon exiting share screen the meeting will exit full screen mode. So annoying. 



Same.  Drives me insane.


I have the same problem. Zoom, please fix this bug.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @TomDibble I'm very sorry for the frustration this is causing you! Our engineers have identified the issue and a fix will be included in v5.16.0 which will be released in September

Below are the setting configurations for anyone else on the thread who may need them. Please ensure your settings are set as described below. If all of your settings are configured as below, you are on a Mac, and this issue is still occuring, a workaround until 5.16.0 is released would be to uninstall your current version and reinstall Zoom version 5.14.10. Here are download links for 5.14.10:

macOS: 5.14.10
Silicon Chips:
IT Admin: 
If you are watching someone else screen share and the Zoom tab resizes to the size of the user screen sharing.

  1. In your Share Screen settings, Change "Window Size when screen sharing" to "maintain current size".
    1. In the Zoom Desktop Client, go to settings -> Share Screen -> Window size when screen sharing -> Maintain current size

If you are screen sharing and your Zoom Client gets minimized completely

  1. Enable "Show my Zoom Windows to other participants when I am screen sharing"
    1. In the Zoom Desktop Client, go to settings -> Share Screen -> enable "Show my Zoom Windows to other participants when I am screen sharing"

Dual monitor configuration:

  1. On the Zoom Desktop Client, under Settings -> General there is an option for "Use dual monitors". Please try enabling/disabling this setting to see if it meets your intended behavior.


Virginia (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Is there a workaround available for Windows?

To reiterate, the screen exits Fullscreen when screen share has stopped.  It used to stay in fullscreen

Mac OS - I installed and reinstalled. This solved the issue. 

Hi Virginia,


would you have an estimated time for the 5.16 update?


Thank you.




Glad to hear this will be fixed with September update. It's now September 24. When will the fix/ update be available? Thanks for any info. 


I am having the same problem, but on Windows 10. The second monitor is cloned to an HDMI television for the room to view, and I would like to control when it exits full-screen view.


Mac OS - I uninstalled and reinstalled. This solved the issue. 



Nope - This problem is now reoccurring. Thinking that by uninstalling and reinstalling had solved the problem this is now not the case. 

Same here.  Driving me crazy.  I'm going to have to pull out a switcher.  In dual screen mode it does not drop out but can't do picture in picture that way.



Same here, it's a pain.


I am having the exact same problem and wish I knew how to fix it. Thanks for posting the question. I hope someone will post a solution. In the meantime, I learned I can double click the small window and it then becomes full screen.


Update 5.16 is now with us. I uninstalled previous versions of the Zoom client across all 3 of my MacBooks and reinstalled. The good news is that the issue of exiting full screen after share screen is stopped so far seems to be resolved. Just make sure to check your audio settings as it did reset some of mine and if you use side by side when share screen is on you might have to reselect this option. 

Most odd.  I'm running 5.16.2 on my Macs , yet still when I or anyone else stops sharing their screen, my previously fullscreenZoom window always exits fullscreen mode (and then I have to find where it is!)


@arambasil this doesn't seem to relate to the issue people were reporting, which is that we drop out of full-screen mode to a normal window whenever *other people sharing their screen* stop their screen share, as well as when we ourselves are sharing. Nor is "Click this button to return to full screen mode" at all helpful. That extra step of finding the zoom meeting window again after it's been returned to a random Space on one of multiple screens, and having to manually return to full-screen when we've already tried to configure the client to stay in full-screen altogether is what we're trying to avoid


I can relate to your experience. I've encountered the same issues as TomDibble mentioned – losing all settings and automatically exiting full-screen mode after someone completes a screen-sharing session. However, my situation is a bit unique. In our case, we often have hybrid meetings where one person shares their screen on a TV while others participate remotely. When a remote presenter finishes their session, the automatic exit from full-screen mode can be quite frustrating, to say the least.


I'm still having the issue where when I share full screen and then stop sharing, my zoom window reverts back to un-maximized size (not completely minimized) size on my primary desktop and often buried under other applications I have open in that desktop which are not maximized.

I'm running Version: 5.16.10 (25689) which I moved to by uninstalling the previous version.  I also uninstalled and reinstalled this latest version as someone in the thread mentioned that it worked after doing that.

Please advise.

Thank you