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How can I remove the timestamp from a live transcription before I save it?


I love the ability to save a transcription of my Zoom meetings, however I don't need a timestamp every 12 seconds.  I rather have no timestamp at all, or one at the beginning and end of the meeting.  Is there a way to deselect the timestamp on live transcription before I save it? At the moment, I am editing them out of the final document which is a fair bit of editing on an hour long meeting. thanks for your help!



I have a partial answer and a related question.

In Zoom Settings > Recording there is a selection for "Add a timestamp to the recording" That might solve your problem if you save recordings locally.


My question for others: There seems to be no ability to turn the timestamp off for cloud recordings. I deselected the timestamp button, which is in the Local Recording section. The next recording I made was to the cloud, and had the timestamp. How do I prevent a cloud recording from showing a timestamp? Is it possible?