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HID Support for Linux



I see at that HID support is only for macOS and Windows. 

When will Linux be supported for HID events, even unofficially? I have a Jabra 410 speakerphone and when I mute/unmute it, the status is not reflected in Zoom and everyone always thinks I am unmuted. I don't want to have to mute two things, it is a bad UX with a speakerphone on Linux for me right now and is frustrating. 



I see further down on 

To determine support on Linux, visit the manufacturers' product pages using the links below. You can also visit the support site of your Linux distribution.

The Jabra 410 support page, is a bit vague to me though: 

In general, Linux supports Jabra USB audio devices at the audio level only, and further integration is dependent on the softphone and its client software. This means that basic audio should be enabled, and the system solution provider is responsible for additional functionality such as call control for the connected audio device.


Selected Linux supported softphones do support call control with Jabra USB audio devices. Refer to the specifications of the Linux operating system for details about USB audio and call control support.


So I looked at some other manufacturers linked from the support page and found that the Logitech P710E,, claims official Linux support:


  • Windows® Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), 10 Or Later
  • macOS® X 10.6 or later
  • Linux®


So, now I am wondering if anyone can confirm HID support works with Zoom on the Logitech P710E. I am fine buying another speakerphone to get this feature. 


Response from Zoom support today:

Hi Elijah,

Good day! Thank you for contacting Zoom Support.

I understand that you have concerns in regard to having Jabra 410 be supported on Linux for HID commands such as mute/unmute. Allos me to assist you with your queries.

Please be advised that we are unable to identify when will the Jabra 410 be supported on Linux for HID commands. Moreover, you may submit your feedback to and we guarantee that our developers are looking into all of your suggestions to know which features would be beneficial to our users.

Also, please follow us at for new product and feature announcements, as well as subscribing to, which will notify you about new features upon their release via release notes.

If anything arises or if you have any questions or clarifications, please don't hesitate in letting me know. I'll be glad to help.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Best regards,


I went ahead and submitted the feedback at with a link to this thread. Hopefully I will get a better answer still.