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Changing my microphone crashes Zoom


I have just purchased a new microphone Shure MV7.  When I load Zoom it defaults to my internal iMac microphone. When I go to system preferences and change it to the Shure microphone Zoom crashes. 


I have updated my software, updated the microphone software, ensured that zoom has permission to access microphone, rebooted Zoom, tested the microphone with USB and USB-c input, tested the mic in other application including Google Meetings to ensure that it's working, searched the database for similar problems and nothing solves the problem. 


Any other ideas???



I have this same issue, my Zoom crashes/freezes (and sometimes causes the whole macbook to restart).


I'm using a Logitech Brio 4k and a Shure MV7 on a 2021 M1 Macbook pro.


I do have a workaround though-

1. Set Shure MV7 (Same as System) for audio input in settings 

2. Set Logitech camera (Same as System) for video in input settings (notably checking the "HD" box)

3. Set "Stop my video when joining" option in video settings


For some reason, when set up this way, Zoom does not crash and effectively uses the correct microphone and webcam. I'm able to turn on video and unmute without issue. However, if I leave the video one when I join it throws an error saying the mic doesnt work and crashes when you go to audio settings.


Alternative workaround is to not set video to HD, then Zoom won't crash no matter if video is on or not when joining.