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Can't enable avatars or additional virtual backgrounds


Shalom from Israel! I have a paid Zoom account and in settings under meetings, I have avatars enabled but I don't see a tab when I have a Zoom window open. Nor can I add additional backgrounds, other than the standard 'none' and 'blur'. I'm running Windows 11 64-bit and have a Intel Core i7 9750H cpu


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @sschimel


 These settings are controlled in the Zoom Desktop app. In the dock on a mac computer or in the applications area of a Windows computer. Go to search field > type in Zoom > open Zoom application. If you have not yet downloaded the app to your machine, then go to and download the Zoom Meeting Client (aka Zoom Desktop Application) 


Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 2.21.08 PM.png

 After downloading the app to your machine, go to your profile > settings > backgrounds and filters. 


If you are a member of an organization and not the admin of your account, then there is a probability that your organization can lock these settings and not allow you to change them. Many business and enterprise customers block the ability of their members to change the background or use the filter options. 


Please let me know if this is helpful for you. 




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