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Can I record Zoom participants to separate audio files to the cloud when using Zoom for iPhone?


I was delighted to see the new feature in Zoom where I can now have each participant at a meeting recorded to their own separate audio file. I would like to know, is it possible to do this when recording to the cloud from my iPhone or does it have to be a local recording to my computer? I found the setting on my Zoom client when using my Mac computer, but can't seem to find any setting on my iPhone for this.

Thanks for your help!



Individual audio recordings are only available for local recordings.



Jeff Widgren

Community Champion

Hello @BrianCanada, and @ZoomTestKitchen,


Individual audio file for each participant (up to 200) is a new feature now available for cloud recording.  Go to your Recording settings in the Zoom Portal and make sure you have checked that box before starting your meeting.


If you have done this, then yes, when initiating a cloud recording from your iPhone zoom app or desktop app you will get separate audio files for each user.


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@Dan_ZoomSE before providing my reply above I had logged into my Zoom portal to confirm that there wasn't any new feature added. I didn't see any option available for individual recordings, so I replied with that confirmation.


I was delighted to see your correction, but am unable to find that option in my portal. I'm on an enterprise account and have also checked under my advanced settings. Is this new feature by chance one that has to be requested thru support?





Jeff Widgren



I will check if this is Beta or just hidden behind a backend switch requiring your CSM or Support to enable.  I have it available in my portal, but as an employee it may be that I have early access.


I will follow up by next Tuesday when I am back in the office.



Thanks for the quick reply. Nonetheless, it's good to know that it is at least on its way to becoming available.



Jeff Widgren

Thanks @ZoomTestKitchen and @Dan_ZoomSE for your quick replies.

I've also logged into the Zoom portal on my mac and in settings/recordings I do not see this option either. 

I'm glad to hear it is possible though and look forward to your update this week. Hoping if in beta it becomes available to the public soon.


Thanks again,


Community Champion

Hello @BrianCanada and @ZoomTestKitchen ,


Just wanted to let you know that the ability to record separate audio for each user with Cloud Recording is anticipated to be Generally Available (GA) with our January release coming this weekend.  This is not a guarantee on the timing, but very optimistic that you will have access to this feature next week.


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Community Champion

@Dan_ZoomSE is correct, this weekend's web update will provide the ability for cloud recordings to also create separate audio tracks for each participant. You can read more about this in the web release notes here: