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We have a paid account for a non profit group. I am the account owner. We have a regularly scheduled meeting each week. How do i make it so one of our Users ( without a license) who is an admin, have the ability to open the room and assume the host duties upon entering?


thanks in advance


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @mtskulls,


This is a very common request! Assuming both accounts are paid/licensed accounts, the best way to accomplish this is to establish Scheduling Privilege between the two users. (It can be done with more than 2 if needed.)


See this Zoom Support article for details:

Basically this is done on the Settings menu all the way at the bottom. You can add others to have access to meetings you create; they have to add you for access to meetings they create, if appropriate:


Other options include using an Alternate Host or a Host Key:


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