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Zoom indicator (number in red dot)


When in Zoom, there are three options (for us) where we may receive an indication of either: 1. Chat message, 2. Call, or 3 voicemails. When in the application, there are three distinct indicators, one for each. However, when Zoom is minimized to one icon on the toolbar, you cannot tell what the indicator (number in red circle) is referring to. It is the sum of all outstanding communications. Same for application on the cell phone. Here is the question. Can I modify the indicators only to reflect the chats, on the toolbar? During certain hours of the day I only care about chats. I am not concerned with external calls or voicemail. The ability to configure the "red circle" indicator would be helpful, or at least knowing chats, from phone call, from voicemails, without always opening the application. Thank you.