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Unable to edit single instance of recurring meeting with Outlook add-in



I have been having an issue recently where when creating a recurring meeting, if needed, I am unable to change a single instance of the meeting. Whether that is changing the time of the meeting, or the optional participants of the meeting.


Either I will get no error and the change will not take effect, or I will receive error 4502 or error 3000.


My Zoom application is up to date, I have tried performing Outlook troubleshooting as well but nothing has seemed to work.


Please advise!

Thank you



Also having same issue as aburnett with Zoom plug-in for Outlook.  When trying to update (cancel) a single instance of a recurring meeting, I get error 4502.  I have updated Zoom, rebooted multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled the plug-in.  I look forward to the fix for this! 


Oddly, while troubleshooting this, my computer also stopped talking with my printer.  Perhaps a coincidence, but odd timing.




We've been seeing this for a week now.  I put a support case in a couple days ago.  Glad to hear it's not just us!

Working with support on this.  Uploaded logs.  Tech tells me the issue is recognized and the backend team is investigating.  Hopefully a fix is coming soon!


Having same issue. Will reply back here if I hear of a solution.


We starting seeing this a week ago as well.  Support case entered.  Please come back and update the group if you have a resolution!


Having same issue - Please update this group if there's a fix.


Same thing here!  uninstalled, reinstalled.  Nothing.



Hi there,


Just ran into this issue today. Was there a fix for this or are they still researching a solution for this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! 


Just had a user get this error today! 


Anybody have an update from support on this?

Last update I got was support was getting a troubleshooting build of the plugin created to gather logs.  


Seeing this same issue on the Desktop version.  Looks like the current workaround is to use the web version of Outlook/Zoom.


New Outlook plugin released that should fix this.


We tried it, but it didn't fix the issue for our users.  I have posted the following info in some other threads:

* Try to alter / delete the event via Outlook Web.

* Rename or delete your local Outlook message database in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.  Outlook will redownload your messages from the server and seems to fix whatever corruption has happened on the local copy so you can then edit the event.




We didn't run into that, be we also don't run cached Exchange mode.  We did have to edit the meeting series on the existing meetings before editing a single instance would work.  Support said something about that updating the start time of the meeting in the database.  Between the new plugin, deleting your OST and editing the meeting series, hopefully we're all squared away on this.  


I was getting a similar issue, except no error codes, just a notification stating: Sorry, something went wrong. You may want to try again. The meeting would change for invitees, but not me. I found adjusting a setting in Outlook seemed to resolve the issue.

Outlook > File > Options > Advanced

Uncheck:  Show Apps in Outlook

Restart Outlook

I don't know if this will help, but for some reason it made a difference for me.


This is not a Zoom issue. It is a problem with Outlook itself. I have Office 365 Outlook Desktop on Windows 10. The issue that I had was with updating the time/date for a one off meeting in a recurring series. The attendees would get the email/update, but I would get errors. I got the one mentioned above and another one basically saying the email could not be sent. I also would not see the new time/date. It wouldn't even let me cancel the meeting on my side. I know it worked for the attendees because I got their out of office responders and a couple of accept RSVPs for the new date/time. 


Anyway, GusTheViking's suggestion fixed the issue for me as well. Thank you Gus! 

I'm not sure it's correct that it's an Outlook issue. The title of the error 4502 message identifies that it is a Zoom error. It's not an outlook error message. 

I tried this, but I'm still getting the same error number. 


Been having this issue for months - took the advice on this thread and logged into Outlook online and was able to cancel the single event in my recurrence



I am having the same issue