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Original Audio Issue

When using original Audio on my iPad or external microphone a hissing noise is now present. I have used zoom for two years without any of these issues. I am not sure why this recent update is making this happen. After viewing the discussion board mul...

Zoom call drops on my new pc

I teach online using Zoom. On my new desktop with Windows 11 the Zoom call keeps dropping. It works fine when I use my laptop, so it isn't my wifi connection. Any fixes?

Mel5 by Observer
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Why this is happenning?

We are the 45 pupils' for the training of pressure cleaning services. All of our classes are available online because our students come from all over the world. Some students report that even though I normally act as the meeting's host, the voice eve...

SSO with Azure Step by Step

Looking to secure our Zoom environment with SSO, i've read the short Zoom guides but wondered if there's any more detailed guides?

kerseyr by Listener
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Zoom name not showing Chat

We have students using Chromebooks to join teachers' Zoom meetings. The teacher sees the names of the students under their videos, but when the students post to the chat, their name doesn't show up. If they are using a personal device other than a Ch...

정기결제를 취소했는데 계속해서 정기결제가 되고 있습니다.

정기결제를 취소했는데 계속해서 정기결제가 되고 있습니다. 3달째 입니다. 심지어 결제는 되는데 줌 사용은 기본 무료로만 됩니다. 어떻게 되는 것이지요? 청구서를 보면 청구기록은 남아있고 사용은 여전히 가장 무료버전만 되는데, 당장 정기결제 해지해주세요.

JINWOOK by Listener
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Students using video loops

Greetings, I am a University Student TA and I have a question regarding the surging use of video looping in Zoom to make it seem as though students are paying attention with their cameras on. Is there a way to disallow video looping or altered backgr...

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