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Zoom cost for education

Subscription cost for educational groups in developing countries are not affordable, is there an opportunity for groups of schools to share a subscription or monthly ‘extended ‘ sessions for free accounts to host parent meetings and staff meetings ?

Meeting Time

Due to pandemic Zoom Meeting platform is widely used all over the world. 40 minutes is enough for short discussion. But if is is 1 hour then it can be more appealing. Where other platform like Google Meet provides 1 hour free secession.

Piano and voice lessons over Zoom

Hi everyone, What tips and tricks have one-on-one music teachers found to be useful when teaching over Zoom? I am trying to help someone who is about to start teaching piano and voice lessons over Zoom. I am familiar with the usual Original Sound set...

Rupert by Note Taker
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I want to sign up for a school zoom account but I don't know how. I have a valid school email and signed up for a zoom account but it's still limited to 40p. I don't know if Zoom has a free version for education and I don't know how to upgrade my acc