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Buying multiple tickets



I have a multi-day event with different ticket types, and I want to allow attendees to purchase more than one ticket. For example, the first day of the event is a workshop that costs $25. The next day is a symposium that costs $40. Some attendees want to buy a workshop ticket AND a symposium ticket, for a total of $65. But it seems that Zoom doesn't allow them to purchase two different ticket types in a single order. Instead, they have to place two separate orders, one for the workshop and one for the symposium. Am I missing something? 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Once a participant purchases a ticket for an event I don't think they can purchase another ticket for the same event on the same zoom account.  I suggest you create ticket types with the different options.  Ticket 1 day 1 workshsop, ticket 2 day 2 symposium.  ticket 3 workshop + symposium, etc.  You do this using the TRACKS functionality.


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