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How do I obtain a BAA to be HIPAA compliant?


Hi. I have spent a few hours looking up how to set up Zoom healthcare.  I already have a Zoom one pro account, and anytime I try to add Zoom healthcare, the website just brings me back to my current plan, with no option to obtain Zoom healthcare.  Also, I keep reading from multiple people on Zoom community that I need to obtain a BAA in order to be HIPAA complaint.  I have tried calling the sales team but no one actually picks up the phone.  


Can someone please explain how I can obtain a BAA.  This has become rather time consuming.  Need help!


Thank you 


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

@rocknbeans Hello! Apologies if it's taking a while but this is the scope of our Sales team. Aside from calling, you may use the following links to reach them:


Hi! I have this same issue! Where you able to resolve and how??


I have the same issue.  In fact, I thought I had already activated my BAA a while ago (even upgraded to a paid account so I could do that), but when I try to find a copy of it, it's nowhere to be found.  I've contacted "support" about it at least three times and get nothing more than an auto-response that they've received my query.  This is getting old!!


My issue has been resolved!  To enable HIPAA compliance on my account for TeleHealth services, Zoom informed me to :


1. Log in at 2. Scroll down to the "Interested in other available plans?" section 3. Click Enable next to Business Associate Agreement ( US only) 4. Review the terms of the BAA, then click "I agree" 5.  Upon clicking enable and accepting the terms, you will see HIPAA Enabled Compliance on your order review and Billing Portal.  After completing these steps, you should be all set, and your account is enabled for HIPAA compliance!


This option appeared for me after I reached out to the Zoom Sales team via the Zoom chat feature.  Hope this helps!

Thank you thank you!! FINALLY!  I've never been able to get someone on the chat feature who said anything other than "contact sales."

By the way - for others looking at this - the option that rocknbeans describes as "Interested in other available plans?"  was worded a little differently on my site: "Discover our other popular products."


I had to scroll down quite a ways to see it, but it was there, and I was able to enable.activate and save it. I'm so happy for this community!  

Do you have to have a paid account to access a BAA? Ive tried both suggestions listed here and still cant find where to get it.


You can request one within your account under the addon ordering screen.