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Zoom Cloud Recording for HIPAA compliant accounts



  I have a Zoom Business Plus account and have been a Zoom customer since 2016.  Because new updates occur frequently, I am wondering if my understanding of cloud recordings is correct and up to date.  When zoom cloud recordings were first rolled out, I was informed that HIPAA compliant Zoom accounts could only record locally and not to the cloud due to HIPAA security issues with cloud recordings.  Is that still the case or have updates been made to allow HIPAA compliance in cloud recordings?  Further, my account allows for transcripts but my understanding is that transcripts are only available for cloud recordings.  So, are HIPAA compliant accounts able to benefit from the use of transcripts?


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

@mirwsh Accounts with added HIPAA security may have the cloud recording feature disabled entirely. Please contact your Account Executive regarding enabling this for your account.