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Call Center Logic question


I have a call queue that after 2 minutes on hold offers the caller option for call back.

In this same queue I have an overflow that after 10 minutes on hold force rolls to a backup call center. The backup call center is outsourced.


What would happen if the caller selected a call back at 2 minutes and remained on hold past the 10 minute threshold before the overflow logic kicks in and sends the call to the backup call center?





I am new to Zoom but have found that If the caller selects to have a call back at the 2 minute mark the call will then be in the call back queue.  Have you verified that the call back queue for that 1st queue as the overflow setup?

Hi BChaffin.
I don't have a separate queue for call-backs.

Maybe I am not following your question.


In my normal call queue, there is a "keep place in line and call-back" feature from the built-in options.
I never created a separate queue for the actual call-back. Should I, and if so, that seems like it would give me more functionality, like a different overflow.

@kbudurka Sorry for the late response.  In my contact center I had the same thing setup for every 10 minutes the call should offer the callback.  However I found out that if the wait time is less than the time you have set for the overflow or the callback then it would offer it right away.  I found this not to work for my center and have turned off the callback feature.