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Custom CA certificate for Zoom client on Ubuntu?



not sure if this is the right space for a technical question.


in my current work environment a custom root CA is required for traffic leaving the data center.

On Ubuntu I have installed the custom CA certificate in `/usr/local/share/ca-certificates/extra`. It also shows up in `/etc/ssl/certs`

I am aware, not all apps are using this trust store; So for Chrome or Firefox I also installed it for the traffic to be allowed.


It seems on Ubuntu the app is not using the custom CA either, as on SignIn with google SSO I get an error dialog, basically giving the error: 

"Unable to establish secure connection to Zoom - Open your browser to check internet connection"

On "View Certificates" it states that the "Webrelay certificate is not trusted" - "Error code 100"


So my question is; Is there a way to configure the zoom client to use the custom CA certificate?


Thanks a lot and best regards