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trouble getting downgrade


Hi there,


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get customer support here?  For a week and a half I've been trying to downgrade my account.  When I finally connected with a support person at day 6, she overcharged me by $200.  I emailed her to let her know this happened immediately, but I haven't heard any response since.  I've called the support line again, and it seems that I've been put in the automated queue once more.  My contract has ended, and I'd really like to get my payment handled.  I'm shocked at the lack of customer service with this.  It really reflects poorly on the company, and it's taking away from my other work as a small business owner.  I really just want this handled.  Any suggestions you have are welcome.  If I don't get it completed asap, I'm going back to GoToMeeting.  Thanks so much.