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iDeal payment from the Netherlands: 27 days and counting without an upgrade


I have bought a yearly PRO subscription on the 26th of October. I chose the iDeal payment method, which is very frequently used in the Netherlands. The money has left my bank account, never bounced back, the bank statment shows reference numbers from, and a German bank account - everything is as intended.


27 days and countless Support chats later, I am still in Basic tier. Zoom says they did not receive the money. I have 4 tickets open and promises to investigate and feed back something to me in 24-48 hours. But nothing.


I do not want a refund. I just want to use Zoom for more than 40 minutes per session but frankly lost any hope by now. It is very disappointing to see that a huge tech firm is unable to track and check an incoming payment, which should in reality be a simple task for them.


PS: when a Dutch eRetailer offers iDeal, they can be sure the money will be quickly transferred to them if the payment is successful. This was my case, but for some unknown reason, Zoom does not work like that.