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Zoom keeps downgrading to itself in an older version


I have manually updated my Zoom to a newer version, but it has gotten to the point where an hour after updating it, it reverts itself back to an older version. I have tried so many times to get rid of Zoom in every way, deleted files, uninstalled it, and looked so deep in my systems, but somehow and someway, Zoom keeps reverting back to an older version that cannot be used at all until it updates.

This is my own personal computer, and it just does this. How can I ensure Zoom stays updated and in the newest version that it needs to be in permanently?



I hope someone answers this - everytime I attempt to open Zoom it tells me that it must update and takes a while updating (from 5.4.7 to - currently 5.17.11) before it is usable - very very annoying - my personal PC on Win 10 - Any suggestions anyone? If it's updated why does it keep reverting????