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Zoom Won't Remove Fraudulent Charges


I have several charges on my purchasing card that I have been trying to have removed and Zoom will not remove them. I work for an enormous college hospital system with a corporate Zoom account. I am one of literally thousands of lower-level employees, I do not pay for the hospital systems Zoom account. I have been ill served by their "Tier II" department. Who has claimed that the charges are from an increase in Zoom Room Licenses and monthly cloud services. MY COPRORATE CREDIT CARD WAS NEVER REGISTERED WITH ZOOM! I cannot believe that I am still fighting with them to remove the charges! Has this happened to anyone else?  

Hi - Thank you for contacting Zoom Billing. I am showing the charges are for an increase in Zoom Room licenses from 45 to 55 and Monthly Cloud services. I will transfer you to our Renewals team who can assist you with cancelling the services if needed.



BIL0601858 / GR0144620 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @grasjl 


I created a new ticket for you and copied your Community message as the description (BIL0675583). The account associated with your email address does not have a Zoom billing account because it is paid by a master account. You might also reach out to the owner of the master account to see if they have any further information.