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Wrong billing


I purchased 30GB cloud space, since 2023 january onwards, until then I have been using the pro 100 package monthly cost of 14.99$ only. Up to now this 14.99$ I have been paying continuously. But recently you have sent me an invoice asking to pay 734.97$ but this is impossible I'm not responsible to pay this. Please explain how this has happened and be kind enough to correct this issue and I'm expecting the zoom service furthermore from you.



 I have similar issue as described, "I purchased 30GB cloud space which supposed to cost 10$ per month, in addition to 100 packages monthly 14.99$ to sum up 24.99$ per month. however, the system is charging me in ascending order " every month is higher amount than the previous one, with total extra amount of 159$, which led me to cancel the plan until you people give solution to such act.


I have held my account for over two years paying £14. Monthly. Then sometime in January I started receiving bills for £300+. I queried this and was told I upgraded when I never did. I was told they will restore my account back to the original product. But I’m still expected to pay . Now my company ( never more than 50 users. I purchased a 100 people. I don’t need the extra functions. This is wrong billing. I need my account always for meetings. Now I can not