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Unwanted emails


On a regular bases I get emails for things that are like for marketing and to promote things and I keep unsubscribing every one of them and keep getting more!  They are not related to my account and alerts as my account is a basic one that I don't pay for.  The last one is about a Webinar about kickstarting 2023!  I tried calling but because I don't pay for subscription I can't talk to a person.  


Does this have anything to do with a paid account that has been cancelled over a year ago? I don't have a job that something like this is for but I got the paid version for a not for profit association to have their monthly meetings during the lock down during covid and not able to meet in person. Now we can and I cancelled the subscription.


I can't seem to stop these emails so will you do it? Do I need to cancel any account with Zoom to do it?