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Unable to assign my Pro 1 License


I continue to experience problems when I assign my Pro 1 License to my wife. We are the only two people on my account. When she needs to host a meeting, I assign the license to her. But when she tries to schedule her meeting, she is told she has basic rights and can only schedule a 40-minute meeting, despite the fact that I have assigned the license to her. This is not the first time we have experienced this problem which is irritating. I have reported it before. I normally sign out after assigning the license to her and today she shut down her Ipad and restarted it to no avail - she was only allowed a meeting of 40 minutes. Why does this problem keep re-occuring? 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi olawilly,


since you only have 1 zoom license, that license can be assigned to only one user at a time.  

When your wife experiences the 40 minute limit, does her user show basic or licensed?  I am not sure how zoom handles scheduling meeting for two users - one with basic license and one licensed.   One possible workaround is to assign to the one license to one user.  Use this licensed user to schedule and start your zoom meetings.  Although it costs another $15 per month, the most flexible and easiest way to solve this is to add a license. 

thanks, Eliot

Hi Eliot,
Thanks for your response. What you have suggested is what I have been doing. 
I have always assigned the license to my wife when she needs it. When she is assigned the license, I become a basic user and, in fact, I am usually offline and not using Zoom when she is assigned the license.
I am very disappointed that after paying for a license, I cannot fully enjoy the benefits of having a license. This reflects poorly on Zoom as a service provider.

I encountered the same problem as you.

how you fix ?