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Unable to access email to retrieve verification code


Hi Zoom community. I no longer have access to my Zoom Pro account because it is linked to an email that is no longer accessible. For me to login, zoom is emailing  me a verification code which I cannot get. I have my meeting ID. I have not been successful contacting customer support at all as they seem to be non existent. The 1800 number requires information that I do not have as I am unable to loggin to retrieve it. Therefore i cannot move forward with the call. So bloody frustrating!!


Appreciate any help out there.

Regards Cathy



I actually have the exact same issue! Are there any humans that work at zoom that you can talk to?  



I have the same issue.  All responses are to use the support guide which is useless in this case.  Apparently, you must have premiere to talk to a real person.


I was able to fix mine through Chat feature under Zoom Support. It took me a little bit to find the Chat feature and once I did, I answered as many questions as I could with the fake help thing and then typed "Chat with an Account Management agent" and finally got someone. They just ask a few questions to confirm like your mailing address on file and the last 4 digits of your credit card used to buy account.  It took about an hour after I confirmed things to get the email showing my account was updated. Hope this helps! 


Wow I have the exact same issue, but Zoom has me signing a statement to remove OTP without any guarentees that they will actually do that. Not that thats what I want. All I want is access to my Zoom Pro account. I sort of have access to my registered email address but there is a delay with recieving the OTP so by the time I get it 13 - 19 minutes it is old and stale. If my account can be reset at the back end with required verification, then maybe I can regain access to my account. Otherwise its $149 USD ($209 AUD) down the drain.

Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner

Best thing would be to open a ticket with support to have the email changed, the time response is usually pretty fast:


Submit a request – Zoom Support





Hi Cathy,

Were you able to solve this problem?

I have the same one.

Thank you