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Unable to Cancel Zoom Pro Subscription


I have a Zoom Pro account. Several months ago, I downgraded from four (4) to three (3) licenses. I received an email today, Saturday, reminding me that my "requested downgrade will be processed" tomorrow, Sunday, which is on my next billing date (23 July 2023). On my billing page, it shows I will be charged $598.


I want to downgrade to two (licenses) or cancel my Zoom account, but I cannot. There is no cancel option on the Billing > Current Plans page, as Zoom's cancellation instructions state, or on any of the pages in billing.


The only option on the Current Plans page is "Undo change." When I click Undo Change, a message appears stating, in summary, that if I click Undo Change, I will be reverted to four (4) licenses and charged for them for one year ($598). By phone, a sales representative told me to "try and click the button," which would mean I would be charged for four licenses and unable to make a change for one year, i.e., the next billing cycle. The representative suggested I try clicking the button and then "Contact billing," but, again, billing is closed.


I don't want to be charged $598 and then "try" to get a refund after it has been such a challenge to downgrade and cancel my account.


The sales representative repeatedly told me to contact the Zoom billing office even though they are closed for the weekend. When I asked the representative, "Can you help me reduce my licenses to two or cancel my account," they responded, "No." 


How do I cancel my account or downgrade to two (2) licenses (ensuring I am only charged for two) independent of the now-closed Zoom billing department?


Thank you for any help anyone can provide!



Horrrible experience here too 😭😭😭😭😭😭 in trying to  cancel 

@Lk55, I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble trying to cancel as well. Today, Zoom charged me for a one-year subscription despite the two tickets I submitted to Zoom Support. I still have not heard a response. 


Wow, this is bad.  Their reputation is going down the Zoomer for stuff like this.