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Trying to purchase a Zoom Pro account


Hey all 🙂

I'm trying to upgrade my basic account for our business but struggling to get any questions answered by Zoon support (no email answers and the chatbot loves sending me around in loops even when it's pretending to connect me with a human, it never actually does) to figure out if I'm buying the right thing, hopefully, somebody might be able to help. 


Our need is: I want to deliver occasional 2.5hr meditation classes (up to 16 participants) and my wife would like to deliver online yoga classes (up to 16 participants). The pro account carries 1-9 'licences' but 1 user. Does that mean that as long as we don't use the account at the same time, we could both share a pro account or would we need 2 users (2x £119)?


2nd problem, I've tried to purchase a pro account already. Occasionally it tries to give me a 30% discount. Other times not. Regardless it actually doesn't let me make a purchase, it throws up an error at checkout stating that my location does not support the selected currency (image below). My location is in the UK and the chosen current is GBP so it's clearly some sort of error (just no human to fix it for me).


Final question (and thanks for reading this far ha!), being in the UK the checkout suggests an extra £40ish will likely be added in taxes on top of the quoted £119. Can any UK users confirm this is what they experienced too, is it just how it is?


Thanks so much in advance of any insight into any of my issues!





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



That doesn't seem right. Does the address you entered match the billing address on the credit card you're trying to use? Please contact Zoom Support here for further assistance. Someone may need to access your account to assist.