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Subscription transfer and revision of subscription


I have tried to resolve this with both Zoom account executives and the Zoom Billing department since late May, 2023 without progress.  First, the original Zoom subscriber/admin for my volunteer organization had volunteered  to be the subscriber and to pay for the annual subscription based on monthly payments since 2020. He recently became ill and was unable to administer the subscription, due to be up for renewal in May, 2023 and asked for relief.  The organization agreed to take over but in discussions with a Zoom accounts executive, there was confusion  about how  the volunteer organization should re-subscribe for 2023-2024.  The organization was advised that the organization's daily use with multiple hosts would be best served by a 7-license subscription (multiple hosts, two factor authentication issues, prevention of Zoom bombing, etc.), despite an already excellent product use and service with the existing one-license account, paying $192 annually.   In May, 2023, I was asked to handle the new the 7-license subscription for those reasons and paid about $1050 for annual subscription.  However, upon review with similar volunteer organizations, it was determined that  we were and are able to carry on daily meetings with different hosts, using a single log-in ID and password.   I discussed this with the Zoom account executive who agreed that a seven-license  subscription was not an improvement over historical Zoom use with one license by my organization despite added cost.  Our organization then requested reversion to the original subscription  with substitution of the original account  ID to my account ID  as a single license. As representative/new admin for the organization,  I have not received help or resolution for this matter, despite about a dozen interactions with Zoom Billing, all by email,  despite my wishes for phone contact.  I can be contacted for the exact email discussions. 

* the original subscription owner/admin has been served with monthly bills in spite of my request that they be submitted to the organization

* the organization is up to date on payments for the ongoing single license account.

* the 7-license account  was never completed for use once we were appraised by Zoom staff that the single license account was still the best set-up for the organization's Zoom account.

* The subscription I paid for was never activated by me for the organization because of the ongoing controversy over licenses

* the organization wants to continue with the original updated single license account from 2020. 


With help from Zoom staff;

* the organization would like to transfer that account from the original subscriber/admin to the organization with with me as the subscriber/admin,

* the organization requests cancellation with credit or reasonable proration of the never-used 7-license subscription.