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Sigin in email - no access to old account


Multiple IT changes at the same time mean I didn't have access to my old email account when trying to change my profile.  O365 would have bounced it.


O365 has now been updated and the eamil address will present as valid again (temporarily).


No success in getting a ticket to be responded to by a human and not a bot - how do I raise a ticket to get my account reset so the previous bounce is cleared and I can reset the email address?


@Bri it looks from other threads like you managed to help another use.







Did you ever get a response? I can't reset my email either because I can't access my previous account. 


Note Taker | Zoom Employee
Note Taker | Zoom Employee

Hi @Craig3 and @JRWW, welcome to the Zoom community! I would suggest reaching out to Zoom support here: 

I just did and there is no point. I submitted a ticket from my new email address (since i can't access the old one) and I received an email saying: "Our records indicate that the email address provided in the request is not associated with an active Zoom account so we are unable to respond to your open ticket."


Any other ideas?